Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Welcome to High Country by Michael Sharkey

Desert Meditation by Caitlin Maling

Bring it Out

by Rosalind McFarlane


Hang a right across these

horizons blown into angles,

this is toothsome transport,

rhino trams a roaring hoard

and the State Library reading room

is a paper plane transit lounge.

Remember your green ticket,

touching ‘on’ and ‘off’ like

an indecisive elevator or

billboards on the blink.

Take my hand and I will leave

boarding passes in your pockets:

the train station asway with clocks

and waterfalls on the radio.

Don’t sweat the small stuff,

the directions home are smudged ink

but you are dilapidated drunk

and the gutters are softly certain.

Rosalind McFarlane is a doctoral candidate with Monash University having previously studied at the University of Western Australia. Her critical work engages with ideas of place, contemporary Asian Australian poetry and depictions of water. She also publishes creative work and is currently part of a collaborative project being written with Siobhan Hodge entitled Speaking Geographies.