Contemporary Australian Poetry.

When I last spoke to Cocteau by Mark William Jackson

destined for mud by Ashley Capes

confiding eyes

by Geraldine Burrowes


just think

when you play

amongst giggling kids     it’s easy to find you’re in

the last movement just heating up

a planet guards a star feeling

where remote control    the stand-by stuns


reminders surf in the rocky plummet

one hundred kilometres of krill   swarming phytoplankton

silhouettes hiding    hearts in each up-rush


age hauling the long load

pales to stroking    the couch hope rafts


let’s check our glacial trail

serrations on the edge of leading feathers

silence a surprise survival      a quintessential double jeff koons

(an owl’s great suspension arrives in the dark)     two confiding eyes

one soft-blue lid slowly rising      and giving a wink


owl’s carotid arteries are bigger than ours    central in the neck     (ours at the sides)

its head can swivel two-seventy degrees

lightening its weight     air-sacks dilate to cushion blood-flow

there’s storage space at the base of the skull      for wisdom        foretelling


the british being literal made owl soup for whooping-

cough    after that    daughters pack lunches of nothing

but love

to cover the stranded


generations plover

a clean-up after we’ve gone

Geraldine Burrowes’ poems have appeared recently in Cordite,Plumwood Mountain,Rabbit,Otoliths, and Southerly. Another is forthcoming in The Age. Earlier works were published in Visible Ink, Paradise Anthology 5, and Baw Baw Writer’s Pre-Scribes. She received a Highly Commended in the 2011 Geelong Writers Poetry Competition, and a Commended in 2013.  She is also a visual artist.