Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Fairy Penguins by Helen Hagemann

Fontanelle by Vanessa Page


by Ronald Barton




It’s the original sin.

Suffering superbia,

or hubris as the Greeks say,

is what brought Lucifer down.

Unchecked, his idealised self

fuelled his neurotic ego

and saw him cast from heaven.




You can’t serve God and Mammon.

The latter inflames the heart,

poisons it with avarice.

What is it you desire?

These earthly thoughts consume you -

you are bound and laid face down,

the demon-wolf approaches.




Lolita, fire of my loins,

I purge myself in the flame.

Servant to Asmodeus,

my self-control is but dust

in a hurricane of want.

Adultery in my heart,

take me Prince of Lechery.




I am as green as the sea

that houses Leviathan,

the beast whose mouth will take me

- with the damned I disappear.

I’ll have my eyes wired shut

so I can no longer see

that which brings me jealousy.




Among the eaters of the flesh

you’ll find the Lord of the Flies

supping like it is the last

opportunity to eat.

Indeed, he dined in Salem,

ate with Sister Madeleine,

gorged himself then vomited.




If Satan was all the rage

why was suicide not cool?

This hatred, directed in,

was deemed as the ultimate

rejection of God’s mercy.

Who said the adversary

would always be external?




Hell’s ambassador to France

was worshipped as a phallus

which was an ironic twist

for the embodiment of

spiritual apathy.

If only he was concerned

with his worldly position.

In a short space of time, Ron Barton has proven himself to be a prolific writer. He has twice been published by Ginninderra Press (If God is a Poet, 2012; Unremarkable, 2014) and Tincture Journal (2013) and, more recently, he has had poems displayed at the Sydney Fringe Festival and the University of Western Australia. In 2014 he self-published a collection of short stories, Paved With Words, and will soon coordinate the second annual Young Writers’ Festival held in Secret Harbour, WA.