Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Fontanelle by Vanessa Page

Metal Fume Fever by Rose Hartley

Jazz Club

by Meg Caddy


They tumble onto toppling stools,

inelegant flamingoes in a red-lit room.

Neither frown nor fine can stop them from

stacking candles into cups, and drinking wine.

They are cigarettes and smoky tattoos,

wound onto wounded flesh and tapered fingers;

their faces are powdered and perfect.


In the alcove of time (due in part to my passivity)

between one festivity and some activity,

their faces have grown new shapes and smiles.

When I cram, uncomfortable, into a corner,

I find a barricade between myself and cracking chaos.

I have forgotten what it is to be connected.


It is the thin rope of old jokes binding us;

I fall into memories of summer days and stiff uniforms,

skipped feet and the smell of rusting bells.

These people delight, I feel, in my scowl, and the peal

of these moments against a lacquer-less saxophone.


We all have been lost, and in pieces come home.

Meg Caddy has a BA in English Literature and History from the University of Western Australia, and is currently writing an Honours dissertation on pirates. In 2013, her YA fantasy novel Waer was shortlisted for the Text Prize, which led to a contract with Text Publishing. Meg was the 2013 Young Writer-in-Residence at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre, and has been mentored by fantasy author Juliet Marillier. Her short story Amphibian Summer was shortlisted for the Questions Writing Prize, and her poetry has been shortlisted for the Ethel Webb Bundell Poetry Prize. She has had works published in the Questions journal and the  Poetry d’Amour anthology.

For the past five years, Meg has been working with children of all ages. She is passionate about storytelling, pirates, and lizards.