Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Lauds by Davina Allison

Pi├Ęce de Shakespeare by Michele Seminara


by Robbie Coburn


dawn comes   not unlike

the sleeplessness preceding it,

unalterable  and dragging through  your breath.


 then there's the acute aloneness you have felt engraining anyway.


you walk on and pass through

an inexplicable view you search for

and watch fade perfectly from the periphery


 your tongue fallen into deeper silence with each considered motion.


thought itself is inconceivable


but you know at some point the grasses reach an end

and the pale  tree-faces turn away.


the wind will start to dissolve skin.




you are invisible as air.

Robbie Coburn is a poet and critic. He was born in June 1994 in Melbourne and lives in the rural district of Woodstock, Victoria. His poetry and criticism have been published in various Australian journals. His books are Human Batteries (Picaro Press, 2012), Rain Season (Picaro Press, 2013) and Before Bone and Viscera (Rochford St. Press, 2014).