Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Water on Fire by Matt Hetherington

Deadly by Ronald Barton


by Stephanie King


It begins with collision

(the merge, the making strange):

the fork to the iDevice


and then Ellie, her stonker of a play

cheddars varying in shape, size, lustre

germs of schadenfreude

looking to jump cleverly

into the arcade of hidden

kisses, giggles stippled

manageable yet unknowable

the ponytail loosed

the cascade of the performance

the audience full up. Please—

she’s saying, ignore my last email,

bloating dairy, lipids and dripping

skin over edges, her flesh

coursing to find lowest relief

an aquifer


and help, we do, we should

do we try but it’s marketed

and it’s produced already

all mass and momentum;

a tall man unit, largish

and marbled

full of poetic potential

simply tall and fit for sure

as well as free next Tuesday

hot version 3.0

arrived shamed, foxed

and then flew on the back

of a violent horizon

a Halloween of verbs like contort

and snap


It ends with snap:

the shoestring

the c string

old beds and boaters

old shoes, seedlings of plants

taking root and paid in hugs

indefinitely, the horse day

the ponies with your hats

your off hommous

your hearts aching, your Plato

caving in rumpled, lost to

substance, Rawls to a contract

Williams to two too many

she to this


this six foot baby stuffing

pies in fickle pockets

a foot/trolley incident

a tepid resistance

a middling thicket

where Aristotle lost his nous

StephanieKing is a writer and performer from Sydney. She has written for Crikey, Cordite Poetry Review, Vertigo and Radio National, appraises stage and screenplays, and co-edited the UTS Anthology. She is one of the 2014 National Studio playwrights, and is currently working on a documentary in the Kimberley.