Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Sheath by Les Wicks

wakings by Stu Hatton

sonnet four looks like the sea

by Connor Weightman


tracing tectonic histrionics, we declare

Pangaea in diagram & mind colony.

bight marks line up like satellite trajectories

on a clear day, with a small leap over from here


to history. a mother board reverse devours

the illusion of once-connectedness, big chomps

on southern Victoria, the Antarctic prop

of a lost lover breathing us digital now


or nevers. the scour of memory, always

temporary as       wave action, the    now   collapse

- sing the past. approaching coda, not as    perhaps

as encroaching water beginning to erase


boundaries, arability, hyperbole.

eventually everything looks like the sea.

Connor Weightman was born in NZ and lives in Perth. His poetry has been published in Westerly, foam:e & Voiceworks. He was shortlisted in the 2013 Judith Wright Poetry Prize and the 2012 Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize, and he took second place in the 2012 Karen W Treanor poetry award.