Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Racing Colours by Siobhan Hodge

Water on Fire by Matt Hetherington

the moon she is enormous

by indigo eli


The moon she is enormous, I say

reading your text message out loud, curled

up in the lounge room at 5pm.


I slip through the front door,

search the still-blue sky

but cannot find it.


The moon is slipping past me.

I think through my fingers.

Send text. Retreat inside to couch


comfort. Think better of it.

Expose myself again to the softening

advance of dusk and look up.


I find her. The moon, she is an enlarged pupil

in rapture. I see her with mine. Send text.


You and I:

we cast up offerings, seeking

to earn her affections.


You: unlid a serenade to the skies.

I: write.

The moon: she rounds my vowels and your voice.


Her light shines on us both.

I read your confirmation.


Together. Apart. We sit as pupils

in the face of this city. Blinking

in wonder. For the moment, full.

indigo eli is a poetically inclined writer, artist and performer. Her work stems from the urge to document intangibilities and speak the unspoken. Most known for her spoken word, indigo is a three-time national finalist of the Australian Poetry Slam. She's also a published and exhibiting poet, and a co-founder of Spoken Word SA. She can be found at and tweets @indigo_eli.