Contemporary Australian Poetry.

Slow news by Bonny Cassidy

Welcome to High Country by Michael Sharkey

To shame - a broken villanelle

by Gemma Mahadeo


Brand it a ‘guilt’ of internet shopping.

Snag us cheap booty, then tender closure.

Cid said: “in-ner-nett-ing? in-ner-nuth-in.”


Murder of crows, unkindness of ravens;

(don’t collect those, think ‘public’ enclosure)

call it a guilt of (Inter)’net shopping.


The poet promoter Cid Corman who championed

Lorine (Niedecker. she wrote ‘Foreclosure’) Cid

said: “internetting? internothing.”


Pretend we’re carousing, don’t quit splurging quit

hustling; with debt comes such seizure.

Tame it: a guilt of - internet shopping.


Desire might be death; denial, living;

ownership, love; mere being the torture.

Cid said: Internnetting, inter nothing?


Your habit - this malpractice. Fulfilling

no/body. Go. Feign mental composure:

name it a guilt of internet shopping.

(Cid said: “internetting / internothing”).

[Cid Corman's words are taken from an audio recording at: ]

Gemma Mahadeo is came to Australia in 1987 from the UK with her family. Her work has appeared in various online and print journals and she tries to incorporate as much of her music obsession into writing whenever possible. She lives in Melbourne.