Contemporary Australian Poetry.

the moon she is enormous by indigo eli

Nous by Stephanie King

Water on Fire

by Matt Hetherington


walking through the water on fire

              with the lie of regret in my chest

                     a kaleidoscope of grays

learning the hard way to become like sand


separated by specks

     cracks in the spine widening into light

           trust until a promise

untrue like the bitten moon


when love is as simple as death

                     a beggar is belief

                  erase each trace

every hurt is the first


it never snows here, barely rains

             but the sky is a species of mud

          a future like the curve of the earth

wind through the ribs of trees


you’re so cold

you burn me

Previously published in Australian Love Poems [Inkerman & Blunt].

Matt Hetherington is a writer and musician living in Brisbane, after 18 winters in Melbourne.  Some current inspirations are: Luce and Jess, the Wire, electric-period Miles Davis, the Master Musicians of Joujouka, Justin Heazlewood, Queensland sunshine, and organic fruit and vegetables.  And coffee, too